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The simple goal, drive the road as quickly as possible while still finishing.  Each car has 2 team members, the driver and the co-driver.  They work together, the co-driver describing what lays ahead on the road to the driver allowing for faster driving.  Extensive safety equipment is added to the cars including roll cages, 5-point safety harnesses, racing seats, fire suits, neck braces and helmets.  We have a number of classes ranging in cost and perfomance.


Production 2wd

Entry level class with limited modifications allowed. Affordable and the best class to start and train yourself to be a top rally driver – Highly recommended by
experienced drivers for new drivers to start in.

Production 4wd

A limited AWD class for those who want to experience AWD-turbo cars but still within limited budgets. A great step after 2WD.


Open 2wd

A fast and exciting 2WD class (FWD or RWD) Highly modified, that delivers tons of fun and podium finishes. Not for the budget sensitive teams.

Open 4wd

Top rally class in Canada and North America. Very fast and not recommended for the newcomers to the sport. Competitive teams need to be well funded or sponsored.

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